Dr. Adauri Soprani

All professionals at AJ Dental maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.


Dr. Adauri Soprani began his journey towards dentistry on a little farm in Brazil. His father passed away when he was 6 years old, and as the oldest of three children, he took on responsibility at an early age. The family moved to Vitoria (a city in Brazil of 300,000), the capitol of the state of Espirito Santo when he was 11.

At the age of 26 he decided to continue his education in the United States. In 2005 he enrolled in college in Miami and finished a B.S. degree in bio-chemistry in two and half years. Becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college.

Dr. Soprani loved science, but couldn’t imagine a life of research in a lab removed from people. “I’m very social,” Soprani said, “and I like dealing with small things. So I put the two together and decided to pursue dentistry.”

Dr. Soprani enrolled into dental school at NYU and graduated in 2012. With a love of NYC, Dr. Soprani sought work opportunities within an easy commute to the city, and accepted a position in Hartford, CT.

“This is exactly what I was looking for,” Dr. Soprani said, “and so far the experience has been wonderful.”

Dr. Soprani completed his first year of Cosmetic and Implant dentistry training. One of his mentors is Dr. P.D. Miller, considered the father of periodontal plastic surgery.  In 2016, he completed the Maxicourse Program and the clinical residency at the Advanced Dental Implant Institute of Puerto Rico.  He was mentored by Dr. Hilt Tatum, the world’s most skilled dental implant surgeon.

Dr. Soprani loves his interaction with his patients. “To be a good dentist you need to know science and technique,” Dr Soprani said, “but you also need great social skills to be successful. I love people, and I love science, so being a dentist is a perfect career for me!”

On March 9th, 2015, Dr. Soprani fulfilled his biggest dream of opening his first practice.  He is the owner of AJ Dental, located in downtown Danbury, CT.

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