Thales Lopes


Office Manager 

Thales Lopes was born and raised in Brazil. His father was a dentist with his own family practice, but it was his younger brother that followed in his father’s footsteps and took over the family business. Thales began his education in public relations and went on to study theatre  in Rio de Janeiro. In 2004 he came to the US to study English but eventually his interest in the medical profession emerged, and he went on to continue his studies at the prestigious Marymount University School of Nursing, near Washington, DC.

During his years in Washington, DC, he also worked closely with a well-known interior designer. He learned about many aspects of design and gained useful experience in project management. He leveraged his experience from his father’s dental practice and his nursing background, combined with his experience in design and project management.

When Dr. Soprani decided to open his own practice in 2013, he invited Thales to be involved with the development,  design and management of AJ Dental. Together they have created the practice that you enjoy today. Thales, to the great pleasure of his family, is now fully immersed in the vast and exciting industry of dentistry.

“Coming to work every day is a joy and I only wish that my late father could see the influence he has had on my life”.

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